Making Introductions—What New Pet Owners Should Know

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time, but they need to be introduced to your household appropriately, so they and your other household members can adjust to the new situation. Our team at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital offers advice to help you introduce your new pet to your household, to ensure the process [...]

6 Tips to Enrich Your Pet’s Life

You would get bored if your day involved sitting at home for hours on end, with only the occasional quick walk outside. Your pet is no different. They need physical and mental stimulation to keep them cognitively engaged. Pets who receive enrichment tend to be less stressed, better behaved, and at lower risk for developing [...]

5 Easy Ways to Ease Your Pet’s Veterinary Visit Stress

Here at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud to say we were the first veterinary practice in Virginia to achieve Fear Free certification. Now, what does that mean for you and your pet? Overall, the certification shows our desire to make every hospital trip as stress-free as possible, for both you and your furry pal. [...]

Veterinary Hospice: Is End-of-Life Care Right for Your Pet?

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) describes hospice, or end-of-life care, in this manner:  Hospice care focuses on providing the best quality of life possible for a pet with a terminal disease or condition until the pet dies or is euthanized. Hospice care also helps you by providing you with time to adjust to the [...]

The Addams Family’s Advice on Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween’s popularity has boomed over the last several years, and the decorations and costumes keep getting more elaborate. This tradition is extremely entertaining, but the holiday poses some petrifying perils for your pet. The Addams family have kept Aristotle, their pet octopus, safe while they live a perpetual Halloween existence, so our team at Cary [...]

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